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Seasonal Produce for Spring


While we’re accustomed to having most foods available to us all year round, there are many benefits to eating seasonally. As winter moves into spring, there are many great reasons to seek out locally available, seasonal produce. And, with the fully-equipped kitchen in your Northpoint Apartment, you’ll have plenty of opportunity to turn your produce into delicious, healthy, holiday recipes.

Why eat seasonally?

  1. It’s cheaper
    The law of supply and demand says that the more there is of something, the cheaper it will be. When a crop is in season, there will be an abundance of it, and this will result in lower prices.
  2. It’s healthier
    Foods grown outside of their natural season will need more assistance to grow. This often takes the form of unhealthy pesticides, waxes to improve appearance, or preservatives to maintain quality. In addition, storing produce in order to ensure it’s still available out of season, can result in lost nutrients, and a less healthy product.
  3. You won’t get bored
    Eating to the seasons means you aren’t eating the same things all year round. It’s a great way to keep variety in your diet, and be inspired by trying new recipes as the seasons change.
  4. It’s eco-friendly
    By decreasing the demand for foods that aren’t naturally in season, you’re helping reduce reliance on the transport, refrigeration and storage of out-of-season foods. This means you’re doing your bit to reduce energy consumption. 

When you’re travelling, the easiest way to eat to the seasons is to check out local produce available. The Port Macquarie region has a variety of farmers’ markets and other regular markets where you’ll find plenty of local produce in line with the season in which you’re visiting.

And there are some great reasons to buy locally when you’re visiting an area:

  1. The food tastes better
    Fresh, locally-grown produce tastes better because it’s been naturally ripened, and harvested at its peak. It’s also fresh and hasn’t been transported and stored – which requires chilling the product, leading to loss of flavour and changes in texture.
  2. You’re supporting local farmers and producers
    It’s always nice to see directly where your food spending is going. When you buy locally you can often purchase directly from the farmer or grower, and you’ll know you’re helping them personally, in meeting the challenges they face as a primary producer.
  3. It’s often cheaper
    Buying local produce means your food hasn’t required transportation, refrigeration or storage. This allows sellers to reduce costs, and eliminates the ‘middle man’ in the production process. It also reduces energy and environmental impact – so it’s a win for the earth, too.
  4. It’s generally healthier
    If you purchase products which have come from overseas, you can’t always know the conditions in which they were grown or how long ago they were harvested. Food grown locally usually has a quick turnaround, is fresh, nutrient-dense and grown to Australia’s strict standards.

What’s in season in spring? Here’s a seasonal produce guide to help you look out for products coming into season in the next few months.