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Spring sunshine means snakes about


As the weather warms up, so do the snakes – and there have already been several spotted on local beaches. Snakes are generally inactive during winter, but the warmer weather of spring increases the activity levels of these heat-reliant reptiles.

However, while snakes are found in the Port Macquarie region, visitors have no reason to fear. Being aware of how to avoid snakes, and having some basic knowledge of what to do if you see one, will ensure your Port Macquarie holiday is a safe one.

Snake safety tips

Snakes are known to be found at various local beaches, so be sure to heed warning signs which alert you to these areas. Watch where you walk and avoid grassy areas, especially if you aren’t wearing covered shoes. And if you’re walking through the bush or long grass, boots and jeans offer the best protection.

Snakes are often found in hiding places such as between rocks or under log piles, so don’t go sticking your hand in any potential hidey holes, and be aware of where your children are playing too. 

What to do if you see a snake

If you see a snake in your path, stay still if you can. Ninety-five percent of snake bites occur when people try to catch or kill a snake, and most snakes will leave you alone if you keep out of their way. If you can, back slowly away and find another path to your destination.

If a snake is in an area it shouldn’t be, keep an eye on it and can contact a licensed snake handler who can relocate the snake. 

If someone is bitten by a snake

There are three simple steps to helping someone who is bitten by a snake:

  1. If safe, keep the person as still as possible. Immobilisation helps prevent the spread of the venom.
  2. Call an ambulance.
  3. If possible, use a pressure bandage to help stop the venom spreading. Don’t bandage too tightly – about the same as you would for a sprained ankle. Extend the bandage up the limb if possible. 

Learn about snakes, see them up close

The best way to reduce fear of snakes is to learn about them. For example, many people don’t realise that not all brown snakes are deadly Eastern browns. A visit to Billabong Zoo’s reptile house is a great way to see snakes up close and learn about them in a safe environment.  
Your Port Macquarie accommodation at Northpoint Apartments can provide a great base for exploring all that the region has to offer, including the large variety of wildlife here. Don’t let fear dampen your adventures. Stay snake-safe and have a fantastic Port Macquarie holiday.